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Famous Outfits started off a a side project between me and and my close friend, Nate. Our goal was to create a side project and launch the MVP as quickly as we can.

We launched the website in a few days time and it has been tremendously successful. We were top 3 on Product Hunt and reached the top of Hacker News. If you want to learn more about the launch and growth of Famous Outfits, you can read it here.

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Famous Outfits Website

The Website Design

“A website that teaches men how to look good has to look good.”

Unlike other men's fashion sites, I wanted Famous Outfits to have a clean design free of clutter and have a simple navigation. I designed and developed the website fairly quickly and iterated based on user feedback. The site is fully responsive and looks great, even on mobile devices.

Famous Outfits on Mobile

The Backend

The site runs WordPress in the backend. I custom developed the theme and used custom fields to make it easier to update the website.

Famous Outfits WordPress Backend

Growing the Brand

In order to grow Famous Outfits, we have implemented all sorts of growth hacking techniques and we have really aimed to keep our content high-quality and engaging. I run the social media accounts for Famous Outfits, and I custom design graphics to post on all of our channels.

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Social Images
Social Media Images

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