KNVBC - Revival Radio


KNVBC - Revival Radio is a Christian, online radio station. Their old site was outdated, slow, and needing a redesign. After weeks of planning and conceptualizing, I started the redesign. I completely rebuilt the website from the ground up. The process started with some initial sketches, then once I had an idea of what I wanted, I started laying out the design in Photoshop. Finally, I started the coding process. The majority of the other pages were designed in the browser. The site was built in HTML/CSS/jQuery with bits of PHP sprinkled in.

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KNVBC Website

Responsive Goodness

Since KNVBC is an online radio station, I wanted it to be easily accessible through any device. That is why I built the entire site responsively. It not only looks good on your 15" MacBook Pro, but it looks perfect on your iPhone 5s as well.

KNVBC Website

Easy Listening

The KNVBC player is probably the most important part of the website, since it's the page that the listeners visit everyday. I built a custom theme using jPlayer, and implemented it on the site. The player also displays the album artwork, as well as the previously played songs.

KNVBC Website

See More of KNVBC

Here are some more screenshots of the different pages of the website. I made the donation page as simple as possible, and integrated it with PayPal.

KNVBC Website