Publisher for iOS

UI/UX Design

As a product designer at SmartRecruiters, I was tasked with designing the Publisher feature for our existing iOS app.

Publisher is a messaging system on top of the HireLoop (homepage/activity feed). Publisher allows you to share content with a selected group of people in your company. You can also create private notes using Publisher.



My goal was to take Publisher from our web app and design it for iOS. I had to keep it within our existing style while making it follow iOS guidelines.

Publisher on the Web
Publisher on our web app


In the SmartRecruiters platform, we have two types of people in the system. First, we have the employees who use the system, and second, we have the candidates who have applied to a job. With Publisher, we used @mention to mention colleagues and #tagging to include a candidate or job. @mention and #tagging autocompletes when the user starts typing a name or a job.

The challenge with the iOS app was that we needed to make @mention and #tagging obvious to new users. After quickly developing a prototype and user testing, the team concluded that it would be much better to have the '@' and '#' symbols visible in the design.

Publisher for iOS


After going through multiple design, testing and iteration cycles, the feature went into development and is now live. Our customers have been delighted by the feature and we have seen more posts on Hireloop since launching Publisher on iOS. We are currently rethinking the user experience for making a post private or public.

Publisher for iOS