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Verse in Focus was a project that I started with two of my friends. Our goal was to encourage believers and spread God’s Word by daily posting a beautiful design and a thought focused around a Bible verse. We started off the project by spreading the word on Instagram. Once we received enough followers, our plan was to launch an iPhone app that would have daily devotions and wallpapers available for download.

After a couple of months of working on Verse in Focus, we all decided that the time necessary to complete the project was something that we all didn't have. We have put the project on pause, and hope to someday continue working on Verse in Focus.

Verse in Focus Logo

The Logo

The Verse in Focus mark is a simple but memorable logo that portrays three things: the letter "V" (For Verse in Focus), an open Bible, and focus (The corner marks). We also decided to go with a bright color scheme that easily stands out when you look at your phone.

The App in Focus

We wanted the Verse in Focus app to be simple but beautiful. We also wanted them to be able to like a design and download the wallpaper of the day. Other features of the app include: share to social media, devotion reminders, and an archives section where the user can go back and read past devotions.

Verse in Focus App Verse in Focus App
Verse in Focus App

Social Experiment

In order to gauge interest on a potential app, we decided that we needed to build our brand. We did so by utilizing Instagram. The images below are some of our designs that we posted on Instagam.

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Verse in Focus on Instagram Verse in Focus on Instagram Verse in Focus on Instagram